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About Me

Hi, My name is Cris, Medical in Profession

Part Time tennis Coach with 18 years experience
I'm a Qualified Tennis Coach with PTR Licence#96300.

A certified Tennis Performance Trainer & Tennis Serve Specialist.
Inspired By Dr. Mark Kovacs, PhD, FACSM, CTPS, USPTA, PTR

For me learning from the top coaches like Toni Nadal Methodology, Dr Mark Kovac is the right way to analyze, diagnose the most important issues of your ground strokes and learn the difference between style and fundamentals is vital to enhance your tennis skills.








Volley Drills



Singles Strategy

8:00pm - 9:00pm Hours

Doubles Strategy

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Serve Lesson

From 8:00am

My Mission

To Impart professional skills the easy way.

My Vision

To be the leading Tennis Coaching company, promoting the lifelong of the sports.


Rates may varies depending on your location, but is comparable.

Private Lesson 1-1


  • Beginners

  • Intermediate

  • Advance

Group Lesson


  • 2pax $45each/hr

  • 3pax $35each/hr

  • 4pax $25each/hr

1-1 Serve Lesson


  • Flat

  • Slice

  • Kick/Topspin

All the above lessons and rates excluding court booking fees.


What People Say About Me

Jolien & Jelle

Jolien & Nooren

As we were looking for tennis lessons in Singapore, a colleague recommended Cris as a tennis coach. We were completely new to tennis but thanks to Cris' excellent coaching skills we're seeing great improvements every week and we really enjoy playing now! Chris is a very patient coach with a strong focus on teaching the techniques and his lessons have a lot of variety. We really enjoy his lessons and would highly recommend him as a tennis coach!

Doctor Alex

I was drawn to Coach Cris because of his being a Tennis Serve Specialist. No matter how much coaching I have received previously, I always relapsed to my old awful service motion, causing frustrations during games. He deconstructed every component of my serve motion and made me master each component before slowly adding the others until it becomes one fluid motion. Each practice session is videotaped and have a post-practice analysis. My serve has greatly improved. He is very patient and encouraging.


I have trained with Cris for almost a year now after he was recommended to me by a friend. I know Cris to be a patient coach who always comes prepared with training equipment and effective drills to help me improve. I came to Cris looking to improve my groundstrokes (forehand, backhand, backhand slice). Since then, he has helped me greatly with my forehand groundstroke through his clear explanations and drills to build up muscle memory. I highly recommend Cris as a tennis coach and for more advanced players, Cris is also a great match play and hitting partner.


My kids Lesson is based on Toni Nadal Methodology. Toni Nadal’s professional legacy, based on his success as a coach, mentor and father of 3 children. Toni Nadal methodology, is vital to learn how to guide, help and educate your child with the best values.

Health Quote

For physical training is of some value, but Godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

1 Timothy 4:8

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